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Enhance Your PDM Vault Implementation with These Third-party Offerings
This month we are looking at some of the third-party tools that lend a hand in PDM functionality and integration. Autodesk Vault users should familiarize themselves with these Autodesk partner offerings that help streamline PDM tasks. Here are a few options for your consideration.

One company who offers Autodesk software and services is Hagerman & Company, founded in 1984. They launched the Hagerman Connection line this January. The product line features tools designed to expand upon Vault's features by adding search capabilities, email integration, batch printing and collaboration for outside stakeholders.

The Hagerman Connection Solutions product line includes QVP Connection, a tool to help customers search, print and view CAD documents without requiring them to have access to the CAD software used to create the documents.

Lifecycle Connection allows Vault administrators to set up a system of customizable email notifications to keep users up to date and alerted to changes as they happen.

Autoplot Connection is a solution for batch printing and publishing of files from their Autodesk Vault data. It automates the entire process of turning existing CAD data into print and publishing worthy documents.

Project Connection is an Vault plug-in designed to help companies working in the steel, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries collaborate with stakeholders across their supply chain.

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Another Autodesk reseller and consulting company IMAGINiT Technologies has been an Autodesk partner for more than 20 years has some in-house offerings as well.

The company has two tools for Vault users looking to expand on their existing experience, IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server and IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Client. Both of which are designed to automate common practices such as a creating file documentation and to back up critical data.

Utilities for Vault Client: Utilities for Vault Client has five key features:
Lifecycle Change Notifier that sends users a notification whenever a change is made to a product stored in Autodesk Vault

The Create Folder from Template feature gives users the ability to automate the process of creating product folders and sub-directories and in turn streamline the way users search for documents withing the system.

Their Extract Bill of Materials (BOM) function allows users to automate the process of creating BOMs based on their CAD data stored within Autodesk Vault.

Create PDF allows Vault users to generate files automatically from Inventor IDW and IDG files.

And Batch Checkout of Files simplifies the method of checking out multiple files simultaneously.

IMAGINiT Utilities for Vault Server has the following features:

Vault Command Line, which gives users the ability to write their own custom scripts for Vault.

Vault Backup for Vault administrators to schedule automatic backups of high priority data.

Vault Metadata so users can import and export their data to and from existing spreadsheets.

The Vault Publisher allows companies to not only publish files but also to ensure only files that have been correctly marked can be published. This helps keep valuable intellectual property safe.

Finally, the Vault Security Tool, which automates the process of creating security reports on the user's implementation of Vault.

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Published 2016-06-28 00:00:00